What is Internship?

An internship is a period of time spent learning and experiencing as a professional worker that integrate knowledge and theory learned in a classroom with practical application and skills development in professional or community setting related to student’s field of study or career interest. Internship helps in developing skills, experience, helps in figuring out your choose career and interest in future and adds volume to your CV and improve their overall career prospect. Internships are also an excellent opportunity to network and gain exposure to prospective future employment. 

Types Of Internships

Academic Internship

An academic internship is a structured work experience offered by education institution to students, typically as a part of their academic curriculum or requirement, which allows them to apply theoretical knowledge gained in classroom to real-world setting. During Internship Students work under the supervision of professionals in their chosen sector, performing duties relating to their course of study. Interns may help with projects, conduct research, execute job-specific activities, or work in teams.

Professional Internship

A professional learning experience that offered a meaning full, practical work related to the students and fresher’s career interest. 

Modes of Internship

Remote Internship

An internship, which allows intern to work wherever they wish other than office, is called remote internship.

Benefit of remote internship
  • Save travel cost and time.
Onsite Internship

An internship, where you have to travel to office in regular basis to do a given task is called onsite internship.

Benefit of onsite internship
  • You can experience professionalism and feel professional environment.
Hybrid Internship

 Hybrid internship means both remote and onsite internship where you can work from wherever you wish even office. 

Benefit of hybrid internship
  • Save travel cost and time as well as professionalism experience

Do you stipend?

Kandyy Internships Area

Kandyy provide internship opportunities to those students who seek interest in aviation field, nursing science, travel and tour, hotel management, administration management and engineering/IT , typically as a part of their academic curriculum or requirement. We also provide academic internship to those students who have recently completed their bachelor’s degree (less than 12 month) and to those who have graduated (more than 12 months).

Benefit of Kandyy Internship

Apply Theoretical Knowledge in Real World 

 Internships provide an important link between classroom learning and practical application in a professional setting. Timing is critical, with opportunities ideally coinciding with recent conceptual understanding. This frequently coincides with college enrollment, summer holidays, or post-graduation, ensuring that theoretical knowledge is quickly applied. This quick application increases the value of newly acquired skills while reducing the danger of knowledge degradation.

Build Confidence 

Graduating and joining the workforce can be nerve-racking experiences that necessitate a leap of faith. Internships provide important baby steps in smoothing this adjustment. They expose you to a variety of individuals and circumstances, boosting your confidence in your abilities to succeed after graduation. This improved confidence makes the transition from student to professional much easier

Develop Professional Network

During your internship, you may come to realize that a specific niche or trajectory you once found enticing no longer captures your passion. If you realize this early on, you can change course before you find yourself enmeshed within a certain career path. Making such changes can be a lot more difficult down the road. There is no better time to shift your approach and aim for a career or niche that really sparks your passion.

Develop Transferable Skills 

Internships provide a unique opportunity for developing a variety of transferable, or soft, skills such as verbal communication, problem solving, and empathy. While you may have had the opportunity to put these skills to use in college, their implementation in the professional world differs dramatically. As an intern, you will explore many possibilities to hone these abilities in a unique atmosphere. This event highlights the subtle differences between academic and business communication, emphasising areas for further skill development.

Build Strong Resume 

Today, internships are no more a bonus but rather a need on a résumé, especially in fields with high competition. Your resume might not be looked at if it lacks this entry. On the other hand, a strong internship can make you stand out. The National Association of Colleges and Employers' 2022 Job Outlook study shows that the most important consideration in recruiting is internship experience. This is valid whether the internship is with the company hiring or not.

Refine Career Goal

While interning, you may learn that a professional path or specialization that previously piqued your interest no longer does. Recognizing this early allows you to pivot before becoming fully entrenched in a certain career path. Making such changes gets increasingly difficult as time goes on. This is an excellent time to pivot and seek a job or specialization truly piques your interest.

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