Empowering Youths, Shaping the Technocrats



"Empowering the Youths, Shaping the future Technocrats" of Nepal through the learning and experiencing in Canada.

Fears are growing that the Nepalese economic downturn could be especially deep and lengthy with recovery limited by continued anxiety. The speed at which the economic downturn from the Pandemic is dramatic and this gonna be the worst ever in the history of Nepal's Economy. Lacking the monetary policy and fiscal policy of Nepal Government to respond the economic recession due to the corona locked down, the consequences of a combined health pandemic and economic pandemic will be catastrophic. 

Nepal has now plunged in to economic recession and will definitely fall again under economic depression. As the Nepal falls under deep recessions, that will leave long scars on the economy, and it will remain far an extended period of time. Thus, we should make our mind to expect 4-5 years recession of severe economic depressions, to continue to see high levels of unemployment and depressed levels of output.

Technocracy became a popular movement in the United States during the Great Depression when it was believed that technical professionals, such as engineers and scientists, would have a better understanding than politicians regarding the economy's inherent complexity.