Empowering Youths, Shaping the Technocrats



Our founder and chairman Er. Dipendra Kandel has been recognized as a Public Innovator of Nepal and he has been sending the students and immigrants abroad, in Canada. Based on the ideology  "Technocracy", Er. Kandel has been sending the Nepalese youths and family for learning and experiencing in Canada believing that they will be returned with innovate knowledge when the government announces "Technocracy" and replace traditional bureaucracy. 

Launched in 2008, Er. Dipendra Kandel after returning from the United States of America with a vision to change the bureaucracy of Nepal by technocrats. Canada welcomes hundreds of thousands of newcomers aspiring to settle in a country that celebrates diversity and welcomes immigration.

We secured student permits, immigration permits, discovered neighbourhoods and places to live. We get what it takes to make a successful transition from other countries and - together with our online community of contributors - we have created a network that offers objective, independent advice on all aspects of your move to Canada. 

The Kandyy.com community is filled with like-minded people who can act as your support network. We’ve teamed up with service providers who are ready to help you integrate into life in Canada. And we’ve partnered with employers across the country that want you to be part of their teams.

On Kandyy.com, you’ll find appropriate course of Science and Engineering, various immigration programs for technical applicants, and millions of information designed to help you find answers to your questions.

We provide up-to-date news on all things Canada through our social media and email updates. And on Facebook and in our community forum, tens of thousands of people like you are offering advice and support to one another in Kandyy.com discussion forums.