Empowering Youths, Shaping the Technocrats

About Us

About Us


Kandyy.com send the Nepalese youths and family to learning and experiencing in Canada.


"Empowering the Nepalese Youths, Shaping the Nepalese Aviation"


Kandyy.com would like to prepare the technocrats of Nepal by sending the youth for studies and immigration programs in the field of Science and Engineering.


Technocracy is an ideological system of governance in which a decision-maker or makers are elected by the population or appointed on the basis of their expertise in a given area of responsibility.

Secretariat Team

We’ve teamed up with service providers who are ready to help you integrate into life in Canada.

"We empower the Nepalese youths to learn and experience in Canada."

With the idealization of “Technocracy”, we believe that with the knowledge given to young Nepalese people in Canada, they need a space to replace a traditional bureaucracy when there is no more.