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Our founding President Er. Dipendra Kandel has been recognized as a Public Innovator of Nepal and he has been sending students abroad for Science and Engineering studies since 2008. Based on the ideology  "Technocracy", Er. Kandel has been sending the Nepalese youths and family for learning believing that they will be returned with innovative knowledge when the government announces "Technocracy" and replaces traditional bureaucracy. 


We have helped hundreds of students achieve their goals in Canada by providing first-class services and the best higher education programs.

From our Kathmandu office, we work hard to find the ideal course or study program for you and everything you need to adjust to Canada. Each member of our team is an educational expert and alumnus who work tirelessly to help you achieve your goals in Canada. We know how to help you!


We’ve also teamed up with service providers who are ready to help you integrate into life abroad. We have developed partnerships with institutions across the country that want you to be part of their team.

Kandyy.com and its clients are looking to experience different cultures and lifestyles and are looking to find something to fulfill their personal dreams. Our goal is to make this a reality by being at the forefront of educational courses and pathways, to be innovative and aware of the ongoing requirements of our clients.

With 13 years of experience in the educational industry, we are offering our clients to study abroad English courses, vocational programs and higher education programs in different universities and destinations such as Canada.